Jeremy Hauschildt

Site Reliability Engineer, Programmer and Former DBA

Currently a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at LinkedIn with previous experience as a Database Administrator (focusing on Sybase ASE) in the financial software industry. Skills and interests include operating softare at scale, databases, web development (Python, JavaScript, Java, PHP), systems administration (Linux, Perl, Bash, TCL, scripting), investigating/solving problems and programming languages in general.


Skill Keywords
Languages JavaScript Python Perl TypeScript PHP TCL Bash scripting HTML / CSS Java C#
Databases SQL / T-SQL Query Tuning Performance Tuning Sybase ASE MySQL
Frameworks Angular (1.X and 2+) Flask / Pyramid JQuery NodeJS
Miscellaneous Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Gentoo), UNIX (Solaris), Windows Git, Perforce Vim, Eclipse, Atom
Interested in Working With or Learning Elixir / Pheonix Elm Python PostgreSQL


Senior Site Reliability Engineer, LinkedIn

2019-01 — Present

Currently a member of the Content SRE team at LinkedIn

Database Administrator, Fidessa

2014-05 — 2019-01

Worked as a member of the DBA team within Fidessa Support. Primary responsibilities included maintaining numerous production and development database systems throughout the US, CA and Latin American regions. Additionally responsible for maintaining and developing many of the monitoring and maintenance tools used by the team. Day-to-day activities included investigating and resolving database performance issues and working on long term software projects to reduce the amount of manual work the team had to do.

  • Re-architected a report generation system so that it would automatically and intelligently balance load across available nodes in parallel
  • Improved the failover system of various products as they related to the underlying Sybase database so that systems could automatically fail over in the event of a database related disaster
  • Designed and implemented a system to keep track of database ownership information, email potentially affected users/groups and display important server/database information at a glance. Written in PHP, JavaScript, SQLite/MySQL and Angular 1.x.
  • Wrote several web based visualizations to track stored procedure performance and report generation statistics
  • Created new monitoring processes and maintained/improved existing ones that were mostly written in TCL and Perl
  • Maintained and improved a web application that automatically built and loaded databases on an ad-hoc basis. Written in Perl, PHP, JavaScript.
  • Investigated the performance of databases, queries and various stored procedures used by Fidessa products
  • Reverse engineered and rewrote a C#/VisualBasic executable whose source code had been lost, designed to generate reports using the CrystalReports SDK
  • Responsible for being on-call for one week (24/7) every three weeks to handle emergencies or off-hour issues

Operations, Fidessa

2011-06 — 2014-06

As a member of the Operations team within Fidessa's second line support I was responsible keeping systems stable and available, rolling out software changes and investigating both operational and data issues. I was also responsible for several software projects meant to automate some of our repetitive work.

  • Designed and implemented a system for sending out and keeping track of advisories to our clients using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and MySQL
  • Wrote Perl scripts to check and automatically correct user access rights to our customer's hosted systems
  • Responsible for rolling out changes for US customers while ensuring system stability
  • Supported the data management and financial instrument portions of the product as part of the second line support team
  • Investigated issues with report stored procedures when there were problems with either the logic or data of a compliance report
  • Worked frequently with TCL, Perl, PHP, SQL (Sybase ASE / T-SQL)

Software Engineering Internship, AWR

2008-04 — 2008-08

Wrote python scripts to track down and visualize various aspects of how the product was used or misused

  • Wrote python scripts to track down and visualize various aspects of how the product was used or misused


B.Sc. in Computer Science, California State University, Chico

2006-08 — 2011-05


Continuing Education,

2011-01 — Present

  • Coursera: Web Design, Algorithms and Data Structures specialization (in progress)
  • Udacity: Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship: Mobile Web, Data Structures & Algorithms in Python
  • Kepner Tregoe Problem Solving Decision Making
  • EDB553 Performance and Tuning: Configuring Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7


Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America